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Credit Union Marketing Budget Report

Don't finalize your 2020 Marketing Budget until you know what your Peers and Competitors are spending! Preview the current report here!

Our Credit Union Marketing Budget report shows you the results that credit unions are achieving with their marketing budgets. Your report includes customized web pages which show how your credit union marketing budget compares to other credit unions like yours, using key result metrics such as Loan Growth, Share Growth, Member Growth, PFI, Net Income, Salaries, Expenses, and Capital Ratio information. The report also includes display of the top credit unions by asset size and membership, as well as those with the largest marketing budgets.

Export to Excel!
Now you can export any page of the marketing report to excel. This enables you to easily import the data for use in presentations to the Board of Directors or other senior staff.

Here's what credit union marketing professionals are saying about the report:

"Thank you, thank you! This is a terrific help to me in trying to get more money in my next year's budget."

-Arthur Paul, Jr.
VP, Marketing
Bridgewater CU - Bridgewater, MA
Assets: $212 M - member: 27,500

" I am loving this Marketing Budget Report. I am slicing and dicing it in different ways, sorting the same report by various columns (like sorting Expenses by Total, Office Ops, Office Occup., etc.)."

-Jan Coleman
Marketing Director
Beehive CU - Salt Lake City, UT
Assets: $142 M - member: 21,700

You get to pick which credit unions you would like to compare yourself too. Each web page compares your credit union to peer credit unions using the method for determining peer that you would like to use. You can compare to 20 other CUs or 200 or 2000. It's entirely up to you.

Click here to find out more about the contents of the report.

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